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Hi, I'm Dan O'Connor, thank you for visiting! I create music for films, videos, slideshows and apps pro bono for 501c3 organizations.

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I love composing royalty free music as a no cost service for:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Teachers and students
  • Non-commercial projects

These folks use my music to enhance the impact and mood in:

  • Videos for promoting their cause
  • Slideshows for presentations about their projects
  • Documentary and student films
  • Live events and fundraisers

I rely on the support of patrons so I can focus on this work

  • My music is being used in thousands of these videos world-wide
  • There is no up front fee or royalties for an unlimited amount of time
  • Users of my music save thousands of dollars in licensing fees
  • My simple friendly license makes it easy and legal to use my music
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These are examples of not-for-profits using my music:

Minority Education

Natural disaster relief

Animal shelters and rescues