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About the SongMix Method: How to Write Songs. Songwriting Method with Tips, Ideas and Inspiration.

Songwriting tips on how to write amazing songs including lyrics, melody and chord progressions.

Great way to get inspiration and ideas for singers, songwriters and lyricists.

For people interesting in writing music and lyrics for contests, competitions or to sell.

Shows professional secrets for those who want some help making writing a popular hit song.

This guide can help you get hired jobs, showcases and to be more successful in the music business.

Works for any instrument you can play basic chords on from guitar to piano.

Perfect if you want to start a career, just need a demo or if you are in an indie group.

Has rock examples but the program works in any market including r&b, pop, rap, hip hop, country.

All the information and advice is in one lesson with a few steps and exercises.

You do not need to know music theory or have previous song writing skill.

Includes creative advice, methods and techniques which can turn beginners into talented masterwriters.

Lists online freeware tools and resources for musicians.

Can help you get a signed contract with a publisher, agency, manager or agreements with other music organizations.

Save time and skip years of classes, courses or college - learn the bottom line on becoming a hit songwriter.