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77 Royalty Free Music MP3 Tracks

For legal use in your video, apps, games, films or other media

Dan-OHi, I'm Dan-O and this is a package of my original music that you can have more publishing freedom with. Use the tracks without crediting me and for commercial purposes Have more time to focus on your work with my entire music library right on your computer's hard drive. No more looking all over the Web for your next piece of background musicsimply enjoy working on your project.

Thank you for stopping by. You can listen to all 77 tracks on this pagejust scroll down to listen and buy. The entire collection of music you will listen to here is $49.95, the cost of just one royalty free music track from other publishers. This can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in fees, royalties and paperwork. Since you are licensing directly from me, the composer, I am able to offer this special arrangement. Here is how this package gives you maximum flexibility:

  • Friendly, worry-free creative commons license. For more creative control. You get a license file that you can use to show sites like YouTube. This is important to prove to you have rights to use the music—for commercial puposes too. Its a simple, standardized license that is understandable and safe.
  • Unlimited use of the music world wide and royalty free. This is well suited for producers who hope to reach as wide an audience as possible. No uncertainties about how many views or users your project will get. Pay once and you're done.
  • You can remix, edit, loop and adapt the music. You are free to customize the tracks to fit your needs in any way. Now you can be certain to have the exact length that suits your media. No need to ask for additional permission. 
  • You may copy, distribute and transmit the music. For instance: this means it ok to make backup copies of the tracks. If you are working with a partner you can attach one of the music files in an email and send it to themall with being assured this is allowed by me.
  • You can reuse the music for clients. Make more money per project and find the music you need fast so you can get the job done. I created this package to make it easy for you to do your work without copyright concerns.
The only thing you can't do is claim yourself as the author or producer of the audio or resell the rights to use the music.

You will be given links to download the 77 MP3 tracks in several zip files. Plus you will get bonus zip files with 30+ of my latest instrumental tracks and vocal songs. If you are on a good Internet connection this should take you about 10-15 minutes to download.

You will also be provided with a pdf file outlining the terms of the license. There is a readme text file that explains exactly how to show video sites you have the rights to use the music. 

These are the MP3 files you will be licensing

Top Music for Film and Video Soundtracks

The Owl Named Orion.mp3 - Upbeat Electronica Pop
Magic Ghost.mp3 - Trance w Solid Steady Beat
Permafrost.mp3 - Easy Listening Pop Electronic
Junk Ship Gold.mp3 - Timberlake Inspired Dance
Dream Player.mp3 - Hard Colorful Rock w/ Strings
Rapid Arc.mp3 - Industrial Trip Hop
Vestige En Antigua.mp3 - Looped Subtle Orchestra
The Art of Gardens.mp3 - Acoustic Rock
Sun Spark.mp3 - Alternative Rock 
Love Letters.mp3 - Acoustic Pop Chords
Dublin Forever.mp3 - Breakbeat Drum n Bass
Book of the Monkey.mp3 - Reggae
Mars and Stars.mp3 - IDM Piano Relaxing Electronic Mix

Pop Rock Band with Guitar, Piano and Organ

Orb of Envisage.mp3 - Nirvana and Beatles Influence
The Lady of Vastness.mp3 - Pop Rock w Classical Strings
Black Box in the Ground.mp3 - Epic Rock Music Bed
Gently.mp3 - Acoustic Rock Ballad for Song Background
Gem Droids.mp3 - Electro Beat Power Pop
Today then Tomorrow.mp3 - Emo Style
Crazy from the Message.mp3 - Hard Rock Instrumental
The Wire.mp3 - Modern Rock with Organ
Wait for the Dawn.mp3 - Uplifting, Thoughtful
I'm Gonna Go.mp3 - Light, Driving 
Joker With Honey Lips.mp3 - Straight, Downtempo Americana
Flying While Weeping.mp3 - Upbeat Pop Rock
Deep In Blue.mp3 - Custom Rock Score w Break Downs

Acoustic Guitar

En la Brisa - Spanish Classical Guitar Habanera Style
Matiere Noire Vibrante - Fingerstyle with Synthesizer
Climb to Elara.mp3 - Acoustic Modern Rock
Imagine Magneta.mp3 - Upbeat Funky Back-beats
Violet Shrine.mp3 - Classical Guitar w/ Beat
Everything Begins.mp3 - Fingerpicking Guitar

Country Music

Banana Moonshine.mp3 - Bluegrass Banjo & Fiddle
Blue Devil Plain.mp3 - Dobro, Slide and Mandolin

Jazz and Blues Background Music

Boom Born Blues.mp3 - Electric Blues Band Backing Track
7Skies.mp3 - Jazz Sax, Acoustic Bass, Funky Bridge
Branches.mp3 - Light Latin Jazz with Nylon Guitar

Orchestra and Strings

Origo Vitae.mp3 - Mysterious and Intense
Ibrido Umano.mp3 - Strings for Film Score Under Dialog
Become the Heavens.mp3 - Cinematic Classical Symphony
HeLIUm HUes.mp3 - Modern Light Strings
Winter Empire.mp3 - Symphony w/ Piano and Beats
Uncaged Czarina.mp3 - Classical Hip Hop Beats

Meditation and Relaxation Music

Autumn Boy.mp3 - Ambient and Calm
The Experiment.mp3 - Soothing Instrumental Song
Unde Altus.mp3 - Classical Guitar in Space
Tidal Circuit.mp3 - Experimental Space Music
Silver Shine.mp3 - New Age Piano
Riding the Banshee.mp3 - World Pop

Techno / Electronic

Joy in Land Formation.mp3 - Ambient Dub Experimental
Heart Quake.mp3 - Quirky Pulsing Pop Electronic
Inkarnation.mp3 - Future Electronica
Chimera Derivation 3.mp3 - Dubstep Dark Driving Score
Bit by Bits.mp3 - Cool Computer Voice Sample
Snapsphere.mp3 - Euro Pop Upbeat Techno Style
Rehab Sunglasses.mp3 - Crunk House Dance
The Streatham Hill Gods.mp3 - Intelligent Dance w PIano
Rocketry.mp3 - Downtempo Electronica Groove
City of Innocence.mp3 - Over-the-top Dubstep
Long Live Emperor Kalas.mp3 - Suspenseful Soundtrack
Copper Mountain.mp3 - Dark Ambient
Beautiful Straight Lines.mp3 - Electro Mix Download
In the Deal.mp3 - Acid Jazz Hip Hop
Cellular Faith.mp3 - Hard Rock Techno Funk
The Jump Bump.mp3 - Super Funky Upbeat and Fun

World / Ethnic / Celtic

Allambee Divides the Timor Sea.mp3 - Didgeridoo
The Savoy Drift.mp3 - Upbeat Latin Piano w Timbales
Glowing Shanta Hearts.mp3 - Bollywood Hindi Instrumental
Begger's Isle.mp3 - Irish Celtic Traditional Folk
La Mezcla De Rojo.mp3 - Latin Dance
Three Drops.mp3 - Funky Reggae
Sacred Cobalt Candidum.mp3 - Greek Bouzouki w Beats
No Iron Rivers.mp3 - Jazz Reggae Fusion
Ambershire.mp3 - Asian with Traditional Chinese Instruments

Game Music

Ten Ton Matrix.mp3 - "Avant Garde" Sound Effects
Undiscovered Oceans.mp3 - For Video Game Production

The audio in this package is a solution for legal music for many uses:

  • Background music in films, videos, trailerflexibis, commercials and sites
  • On-hold music for PBX and VOIP phone systems in MP3 players
  • Intros, music beds and entertainment content in Podcasts
  • Play the music in your shop, restaurant, bar or other establishment
  • Use for commercial or non-profit educational multimedia training
  • Add to presentations in PowerPoint, Flash or Open Office
  • Backing tracks for smartphone and web apps and games
Create the exact feeling you want for your listeners by choosing from over 100 total tracks in every popular style.

Bonus Vocal Tracks

The Time Isnt Right.mp3 - Energetic Indie Pop Rock
King Or An Alien.mp3 - Bouncy Progressive Rock Funk Fusion
Our Song.mp3 - Fun Uplifting Romantic Pop Rock
What You Think.mp3 - Reflective, Atmospheric and Psychedelic
Nuclear MakeUp.mp3 - Dramatic Singer-Songwriter Love Song
I Am You, You Are Me.mp3 - Unique Vocal Harmonies
Nightbirds.mp3 - Mysterious, Dark and Haunting Folk Techno
Crowd in the Palace.mp3 - 1960s Hippy Style Folk
Love Letters.mp3 - Uplifting and Upbeat Acoustic Pop
Everything Begins.mp3 - Romantic Happy Vocal Ballad
Bounty Hunter.mp3 - Fun, Quirky TV Action Sci-Fi Theme
Its You.mp3 - Easy Listening Soft Acoustic
The World Will Break.mp3 - Mystical, Hypnotic and Peaceful
Everything Dies.mp3 - Dark, Melancholic and Thoughtful
Art of Gardens.mp3 - Contemplative Anti-war Song

Bonus Instrumentals

The Living Physicist.mp3 - Piano Modern Rock
Sprite and the Wanderer.mp3
- Lite Acoustic Guitar and Piano
Starburst Dreams.mp3 - Swedish House / Trance Style
Come Alive - Minimal Subtle Piano with Acoustic Guitar
Invisible Love.mp3 - Alicia Keys, Beyoncé or Rihanna Style
The World at Large.mp3 - Pop Rock Buy Out Music
Canvas 9.mp3 - Melancholy Guitar-oriented
Hudson River Station.mp3 - Cool Jazz with Sax Solos
Alta Vibración.mp3 - Pop Rock Soft Background Music
Forgive Me Great Spirit.mp3 - Ambient with Rain Sounds
Something Strange.mp3 - UK Funky House
Megacosm.mp3 - Fast and Heavy 150bpm!
Coconut Water.mp3 - Carribean Island Calypso
Resolution.mp3 - Acoustic Rock Background Music with Organ
Now is Now.mp3 - Hip Hop Dance Pop
Unclaimed Territory.mp3 - Nashville Country Western
Kira Fled the District.mp3 - Russian Strings with Techno Beats
Little Island.mp3 - Ambient Jazzy House
Inverse Immersion.mp3 - Tribal House with Far Out Melody
Forgotten is Forgiven.mp3 - Dirty South Hip Hop
I Love You Great Spirit.mp3 - Native American European Mix
Harmonium Moon.mp3 - Sitar Tabla
Luz Solar Sutil.mp3 - Brazlian House
On Air and Dew.mp3 - World Vocal Pop
Realm of Zeltroz.mp3 - 8 bit Chiptunes Style
I'm Sorry Great Spirit.mp3 - Celtic Flutes and Voice
Spectrum of Elements.mp3 - Colorful Electric Guitar Effects

Your rights after purchase:

[Yes] Use royalty free in videos, games, films or other media
[Yes] Commercial use
[Yes] Remix, edit, loop and adapt the music
[Yes] Copy, distribute and transmit the music
[Yes] Reuse the music for client projects

[Yes] Use the music without crediting composer
[No] Can claim yourself as the author or producer of the audio
[No] Can resell the rights to use the music

Save time and worrywhile having the most flexibilty possible with publishing your media.

This is a completely royalty free license with no fine print and no complicated royalty reporting requirements. Save huge amounts of time and money by not negotiating and reading contracts with questionable music libraries, publishing companies or individual musicians.
Easy, friendly creative commons license is a new rare standard in user-friendly online music licensing.
  • You will have more publishing rights by not having to credit me.
  • That is one less step you need to take when putting together your projects.
  • Use the music in media you make for clients, friends or familywithout additional permission.
  • Tracks in every genre to create the perfect emotional atmosphere.
  • Get back to enjoying your work with the music part taken care of.
  • Have the most creative control over your work.
Focus on producing your video or other project and not have to go far to find new music. Have a large library of tracks already downloaded on your computer that will save you time when you need to add background music. High quality legal to use music to set the best mood for your mediawithout having to search all over the Internet.

If you had to license these 77+ bonus tracks through a big corporate publishing company it would cost at least hundreds, if not thousands in fees and royalties. Since I can offer you my music directly from my website I am happy to make this very affordable.

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE—$49.95All Credit Cards Accepted

License FAQ - Terms of Use - © 2012 Dan O'Connor - dano@danosongs.com