How can I license your music to use in my media royalty free?

  1. Download an mp3 for free and try it in your project 
  2. Once you decide to publish your media donate: 
  • $10 for 1 royalty free song license to publish in your media 
  • $50 to license all the songs on the site royalty free 

Click Here to donate 

Do I have to credit you?

  • No you don't have to credit me if you donate
  • If you want to you can say "Music by DanoSongs"
  • For IMDb productions click here to credit me

Is royalty free music - free to use in my project?

  • No, royalty free means a one time donation when you publish a project
  • After that there are no more additional royalties or payments
  • The music is free to download, listen and try out in your media

Do not for profit projects, schools and students have to donate?  

  • No please contact me for a pro-bono license

I don't use PayPal, how can I donate?

  • Contact me to send check, money order, cash, ebay or amazon gift card

Can you provide wav or other types of files?

  • The music is provided "as is" in an mp3 format

I am getting a copyright notice that is misidentifying your audio, what do I do?

The safest easiest thing to do is:

  • Take my audio out of your media and don't use it
  • Let me know the details so I can take action if needed

Not recommended, but if you have no choice:

  • Dispute the claim by showing them the license
  • If that does not work contact me and I'll help if I can