How can I tip you?

Can I use your music on social media for free?

  • Yes you can use my music free on IG and YouTube if you tag @dan.o.connor 
  • On TikTok you have to click 'Add Sound' and search danosongs

Can I use your music in my IMDB project for free?

  • Yes if your indie film or other media will be on IMDB you can use my music free if you credit me on IMDB
  • I understand that most indie IMDB projects do not recoup costs so I consider this non-profit use
  • My page is

Where can I listen to your music easily on my device?  

  • You can stream my music by clicking these links to YouTubeSpotify, iTunes and Amazon 
  • Also search danosongs on Napster, iHeart radio or your favorite music service

    How can I license your music to use in my non-commercial project? 

    • Click FREE to download and try in your project
    • Non-profits, schools, students and personal projects can use the music on this site at no cost when crediting "Music by DanoSongs" 
    • I appreciate tips when you use the music

    Can I license your music to use in media that is used commercially? 

    • I no longer offer new commercial licenses 
    • The commercial license is still valid for any songs downloaded or licensed before April 17, 2021 
    • You can still download and use any song(s) you have previously licensed 

    I recommend using music from PremiumBeat for commercial projects

    • PremiumBeat offers over 20,000 tracks from many composers
    • They provide a huge variety of styles, multiple payment methods, subscriptions and several affordable license options

    Click here to listen to music from PremiumBeat 

      I can't find the music I'm looking for do you have other tracks?

      • All my available audio is on the home page
      • Click to listen to more music on Soundstripe - 10% off with code DANOSNG10

      Can I use your music in multiple projects? 

      You can use the music in whatever projects you need to for as long as you like 

      Can I edit the music to fit into my media? 

      Yes you can 

      PayPal does not work for me - how else can I donate? 

      I also accept Venmo @danosongs 

      Can you provide wav, mp3, stems or other types of files? 

      The music is offered "as is" as wavs or mp3s. I don’t provide other files

      Will you sign a release, legal form or provide other paperwork for my project? 

      I only use the license on this site 

      Can you supply me with an invoice? 

      I only use PayPal for ecommerce records please keep your PayPal receipt as reference 

      Can I sing, rap or play over your music and release it via digital distribution? 

      • No this music is for background on videos, podcasts and other media 
      • You may not release my music on CD Baby, TuneCore or similar services that enroll audio in content id programs 

      I am getting a copyright notice that is misidentifying your audio, what do I do? 

      The safest easiest thing to do is: 

      • Take my audio out of your media and don't use it 
      • Let me know the details so I can take action if needed 

      Not recommended, but if you have no choice: 

      • Dispute the claim by showing them the license 
      • If that does not work contact me and I'll help if I can