Non-Commercial / Not-For-Profit License 

[Yes] Use for social media, indie IMDB projects, non-profits, schools, students and personal projects
[Yes] Use the music on this site for free when crediting "Music by DanoSongs" or tag @dan.o.connor
[Yes] Use royalty free in videos, presentations, films or other media 
[Yes] Download and listen to the music to try in your project 
[Yes] Remix, edit, loop and adapt the music as needed 
[Yes] Copy, distribute and transmit the music 
[No] Commercial for-profit use 
[No] Sing/play instruments over, remix music and/or re-release as an album 
[No] Claim yourself as the author or producer of the audio

That is a summary of the full non-commercial license

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Commercial License 

  • I no longer offer new commercial licenses
  • The commercial license is still valid for any songs downloaded or licensed before April 17, 2021 
  • You can still download and use any song(s) you have licensed
  • Click to see the full commercial license which still applies